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The diagnosis of cancer, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, there are so many difficult steps, that are sometimes more overwhelming than the disease itself.


To help patients better understand what they are going through, as well as the changes in their body and the undesirable side effects, some relaxation techniques exist. Sophrology provides important emotional support, it is a mix of physical and mental exercises that should be practised regularly for a healthier and relaxed body.


Throughout these relaxations, muscle relaxation, breathing and visualization techniques, patients will divert their attention from any negative thinking, such as pain, anxiety, fear, insomnia, and focus mainly on the positive thoughts to overcome and better manage their pain.


There are no drawbacks to this technique, and if it can bring you some relief and well-being, then don’t hesitate to book your sessions.




Surviving cancer and making it through cancer treatment are major accomplishments. Most, if not all, survivors find a new priority in life keeping cancer from returning. The latest research suggests that exercise for cancer patients may help.


There are many reasons for being physically active during and after cancer treatment, but each person’s exercise program should be based on what’s safe and what works best for them. It should also be something you like doing. Your exercise plan should take into account any exercise program you already follow, what you can do now, and any physical problems or limits you have.


Link to Life offers zumba sessions that are tailored to people with cancer. It also provides a chance to talk to people going through a similar experience.

Evidence shows that exercise offers many benefits, from reducing fatigue and improving your wellness and physical fitness, to building your confidence during and after cancer treatment.




Each year Link to Life try to innovate regarding its activities. In year 2020 with the help & support of Mr Bhurtun Link to Life has been able to introduce Tai chi session. Tai Chi is an exercise that combines slow, graceful movements. It is an art embracing the mind, body and spirit. Tai chi is a promising tool to increase light physical activity levels with additive meditative benefits in cancer survivors and thus improving survival outcomes.


Each session is a sharing experience for me as well as a learning process from these incredible ” fighters “.Their dedication and  fighting spirit to stay fit have touched my soul while remembering how health is precious. During training I try my best to bring some happiness where at times we all laugh while sharing a joke’, stated Mr Bhurtun.




Meditation can be of great importance for cancer patients. From the moment they are diagnosed till end of treatments the body loses its calmness and accumulates grief, anxiety and depression.


Life can be stressful when coping with illness, at Link to Life, our beneficiaries are offered a moment with meditation where they learn to listen to their body, their heart beats, to be one with themselves and most often it helps patients to accept their situation and rebuilt the confidence they lost. Meditation not only helps on lowering blood pressure but also ease anxiety, depression and insomnia in cancer patients.