About us

Link to Life has been set up since 2002 by a small group of volunteers which includes cancer survivors.

Our Mission

Raise awareness among men, women and children on all type of cancers

Facilitate early screening

Provide psychological and practical support to cancer patients and their family members

Our Vision

Contribute to increase significantly the number of screening.

Ensure that each cancer patient can be accompanied and supported in addition to their medical care.

COOWAR Bibi Narriman Swadeck - President

BHURTUN Anne Marie – Vice President

HURBUNGS Mira Devi – Secretary

KHOODEERAM Rajeev – Assistant Secretary

BERLANGA GONZALEZ Marie Danielle – Treasurer

DE CHASTEIGNER DU MEE Pierre Arthur – Assistant Treasurer

CHUNG SIONG FAH Marie Noelle – Committee Member

KHADAROO Mochada Devi – Committee Member

LESTE Marie Noella - Committee Member

MUNGLY Jean Claude – Co-opted Member

LUTCHMOODOO Tangavel – Co-opted Member

Mrs. MOONESAWMY Selvina - Programme Coordinator

Mrs. MIGUEL Cindy - Programme Assistant

Mr. TOOFANY Aadil - Account Analyst

Mr. RAVATON Pascal - Administrative Officer

Ms. SEETULPERSAND Smita - Social Worker

Mrs. DINDOYAL Purnimah - Office Attendant

Mrs. VENKATACHELLUM Savida - Administrative Coordinator

Mrs. BUNDHUN Varsha - Office Attendant